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Esport Betting is a growing phenomenon 2024! Read this article and we will tell you why this is this case!

E-Sports Betting 2024
Esport Betting grows faster and faster in the whole world!

About eSports

e-Sports have become widely popular across the world, both for players and spectators. Projections place the number of people who will be watching at least one form of e-sports worldwide, by the time 2019 ends, at 427 million. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has even mooted the idea of including e-sports in future competitions. As expected, thus, betting has also turned up at the party, with numerous gaming houses offering odds on the same. That said, the concept of betting on e-sports still remains alien for many who may be interested. This is because e-sports themselves are a pretty new concept, and betting on them is a little different from betting on traditional sports. This article seeks to offer e-sports tips which will come in handy for newbies, and experienced gamblers, in 2019 and beyond.

Get Familiar with e-Sports and Betting

You will need to understand what e-sports are and how they work. To get that out of the way, e-sports are competitions which involve video games. These are the usual games played every day such as Call of Duty and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). They take an organized form of competition, where individual players or teams come up against each other. This can happen over the internet, or at festivals in a single central physical location. As a prospective bettor, you will need to understand how each game is played, and which category it falls in. Just like we have contact sports and indoor games etc. in the real world, e-sports are grouped into categories such as First-Person Shooter (FPS), Real-time Strategy (RTS), Multi-Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Fighting. You will need to understand the dynamics of particular categories and specific games in that category. Once you have done this, then you are set for the next step.

Choose a Narrow Scope of Categories

For strategic reasons mentioned in the next tip, it is always nice to stick to a few categories of e-sports to develop your betting on. Jumping in helter-skelter reduces your chances of mastering each type, making winning harder. Decide whether you feel better with FPS or fighting games. Even within these categories, choose a specific game such as you would, for instance, decide to bet on football in the spectator sports category.

Gather Your Statistics

This is a step which is more crucial than even the actual betting. It is what determines whether you are actually doing something you know, or just feeling around in the dark. It is for the purpose of statistics that it is recommended above you stick to a narrow scope of games. Even with one game, you have a whole lot of statistics to gather. For starters, you need to know the players and teams in your chosen categories. You will need to look at trends that have taken place in one particular sport, which player or team has been winning more, and what are the reasons for this. Once you have found this, you will also need to know the different events where you can bet on these sports. Some of these events are held online, so you may never hear about them if you are not within the circle. A great tip here is to subscribe to the major events to receive timely notifications about what is happening. As part of the stats, you will also need to understand the terminology used in the sports you pick. Know how each activity is described and what it means in the game. Also, learn about the different markets which are available in each game. Not knowing the markets can cause you to miss out on great betting opportunities. As you may notice, gathering stats is quite a task, hence the insistence on keeping your scope narrow.

Use Betting Strategies and Etiquette

The fact that e-sports are virtual does not take away the financial impact of betting. You can win a fortune, but you could as well lose a fortune. As such, it is important to be financially responsible when betting on e-sports.

Always keep your financial discipline. Have a fixed betting purse and do not try to supplement it with money for other uses. Like real teams, e-sports teams can have poor streaks, even when they have the same players. Chasing losses is never a wise decision.