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Online Casinos

What is a online casino?

The easiest way to describe what a online casino actually is to compare it with a landbased casino. You can play all casino games online and on your terms completely. Today most of the live casinos online is perfectly viable on your mobile phone. 

One other good thing we should mention about online casinos is the deposit/no deposit bonus you get.
This kind of offer actually makes your chance of winning a lot higher.

All you need to know about online casinos

The Internet has transformed how we do pretty much everything, from shopping to watching TV
and, well, playing casino games. Online casino is the in-thing in the world of gaming. In that light, this
article is a compilation of answers to all the questions you may have regards online casinos.

What are online casinos?

Online casinos are simply the modern version of casino gaming that takes place over the internet. It is a model that takes the flashy nature of the casino to the player’s device screen (tablet, computer, laptop, mobile phones etc.). Besides being virtual, almost everything else about online casinos is similar to what happens in brick-and mortar casinos.

How do online casinos operate?

Like any other operation on the internet, online casinos are products of software applications. They are, therefore, software applications that are provided by gaming houses. They are offered to the players for use in accessing a variety of games.

Casinos may create their own online games or buy them from eternal developers. Creating these games is a complex and tedious process, however. For this reason, most casinos opt to buy the software from seasoned gaming software companies like PlayTech, NetEnt, Evolution gaming and NextGen among others.

Most of these companies specialise in development and do not link up with the end user. However, a handful of them do own casinos of their own e.g. 888 Gaming. It is possible for one developer to provide gaming software to several online casinos. You may therefore notice a striking similarity between games in different casinos.

Who owns casinos online?

There are as many online casino owners as there are casinos to play in. A good number of online casinos are owned by companies that used to own land-based casinos. Some of these companies have closed their physical shops and adopted the online gaming platforms.

On the other hand, there are casinos that have adopted online casinos as an expansion of their physical business. These companies retain the physical buildings mainly for the older generation which is not as excited about the internet.

In addition, there is a calibre of online casinos that came to life simply because of the internet platform. These could be ideas of people who did not have enough financial muscle to build physical casinos. Also, they may have been restricted by legislation. Such casinos may have a physical address but it is usually just an administrative centre.

Some casinos are owned by local companies while others belong to overseas companies. The internet is not geographically bound, hence a different kind of regulation is required to regulate operation boundaries.

What does the law say about onlinecasinos?

The law is in many ways still tongue tied when it comes to online casinos. Where brick-and-mortar casinos could be slapped with restrictions at any time, online casinos present numerous tricks. One, the internet is not a tangible thing. It therefore requires a separate set of rules from those that govern land-based casinos. For instance, it is easier to notice if a physical casino admits a minor or a non-member than if an online casino does the same.

Secondly, the internet traverses physical boundaries and is contributing greatly to globalisation. The trade agreements between different countries make it complex to control online casino gaming. In some countries, for example, it is okay to gamble online while gambling in casinos is outlawed. Such is the case in Ireland, where only member-only casinos were allowed to offer gambling games.

In response to the changing times, many countries are reviewing their laws to accommodate the new-age gaming trends. Some countries like Brail are lifting long standing gambling bans.

In the UK, gambling has been a popular activity for a long time. Online casinos are widely popular and the law does not have a particular frown towards them. Save for the strictness on under-age gambling, casino laws in the UK are quite friendly.


The Gambling Commission controls and regulates gambling in the UK. Companies need a separate approval for online casinos even when they have licences for land-based casinos. Foreign based casinos are allowed to operate online casinos in the UK provided they provide proof of legitimacy from where they are based.


Taxation is another legal grey area that surrounds online casino gaming. Just like land-based casino gaming, the online version is considered a la leisure activity. As a result, winnings in online casinos are not taxed. Instead, authorities look to ta the revenue that casinos collect from their business- which is a huge amount anyway.

However, the law has a way of classifying professional gamblers and bringing them into the tax noose. A professional gambler is defined by the amount of winnings, regularity of wins and presence/absence of other income sources. Huge amounts of money received from foreign casinos may be subject to transfer taxes.

Regards the most crucial question, yes, it is legal to play online casino in the UK.

Benefits of casinos online

The major benefit of online casino is the one thing that the internet has done for all spheres- it has made things easier. Playing in an online casino is much easier than playing in land based casino. It saves players the hassle of having to plan and travel to the gaming house. Moreover, players do not have to face inconveniences like waiting for tables to empty out and a turn at the slots.

Again, players can now play at any time of the day from the comfort of where they are. Whether it is day or night, an online casino is always open.

The model has brought on board new players who would otherwise never have had the chance to play. Some people live in places where they have no access to physical casinos. Such people can only play if they travel and probably need to make a lot of plans. In addition, there are some people who wouldn’t go to a physical casinos. This could be due to the societal tag attached to ambling or a dislike for public places. Such people will always find great comfort in online casinos. As a result of the increased number of players, casinos have seen a shoot up in revenue.

That particular occurrence will have aroused the interest of the tax man. This is because it results in more taxes. The general populace will also benefit from the involvement of casinos in activities like sponsorships and charity.

The online casino model has also provided virtually limitless options for players. From the number of casinos to the array of games available in each, there is something for everyone. The fact that people can play even in foreign based casinos makes the diversity even greater.

How can one play casino games?

Now that the field of play is limitless, how about learning how to exploit it? Playing online casino is easy and fun. All you need is a proper internet connection and money to use to place wagers. Pick your most suitable casino site (reviews in here provide great tips), create an account and you are good to go. Also don’t forget to check the “RTP” – Return to player % of the casino games.

Most casinos will reward you with a bonus when you sign up. This can be a great tool to explore games that you may not be familiar with. However, always look out for the terms attached to bonuses.

It is also advisable that you begin playing the games you are familiar with and those which have betting markets you understand. If you are an absolute newbie, start out with games of luck like slots or Baccarat.

Deposits and pay-outs

Deposits and payments in online casinos are usually done through a number of channels. These include bank transfers and e-wallets. Channels like Skrill, PayPal, MasterCard, and Neteller are quite popular in online casinos. The use of cryptocurrencies is also gaining popularity. Different casinos accept different payment models; it is always important to find out beforehand.

When playing in a foreign-based casinos, it is also important to check which currency it uses. If the currency is different from that of your country, always check whether there are exchange costs attached. Many pay-outs take between one and three days to reflect in your account depending on the particular channel.

Things to look out for when playing online casino

Sweet and alluring as it may sound, online casino gaming has some issues that a wise gambler should always look out for. For one, since one usually bets from home, it may take some time for the thought that you are in a real gambling session to sink. Always know that this session is no different from going to a real casino. You can lose real money here.

To avoid this, it is important to always have a gambling limit set before beginning to bet. If you have bills to clear at the moment, get them out of the way before entering the casino.

Always look out for reviews to avoid playing in scam houses that cheat you out of your money. Generally, sites with an ‘https’ address are considered secure for personal information. Those with a plain ‘http’ address (without an s) are considered susceptible to data theft. Always checking for the site’s licence at the bottom of the homepage is also helpful.

Above all, it is always important to hold up the principles of responsible gambling even when playing in online casinos.

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