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Casino gaming has been around for as long as any one of us can remember. However, never before was it what it is now. From the number of games you can play to the platforms you can play in and the amount of money one can pocket, the landscape has changed greatly. This page explores these changes, with a particular focus on the games themselves.

Casino Games 2024
All you need to know about casino games online

What are casino games?

Pretty dumb question at first glance, but the answer will reveal something you never considered. Casino games are basically, games that take place in a casino. Google’s online dictionary defines a casino as a ‘public room where gambling games are played.’ In the same breath, The Cambridge Dictionary says a casino is ‘a building or business where people play games to win money.

There is a specific reason why the Cambridge definition includes ‘or business.’ This is because in the modern world casino games do not have to be played in a building. The rise of online casinos has necessitated a modification of the definition.

Still, both definitions leave something out. Casino games also show up in informal settings like parties and raffles. A comprehensive definition of casino games would thus be: games that are popular in gambling houses and can be played anywhere for money.

This, page, however, focuses on playing these games in casinos- both online and land based. These include games like Blackjack, Baccarat, slots and Roulette (live casino). It also looks at sports and e-sports, the newest entrants in casino gaming.

What are some of the popular categories of casino games?

Casino games fall into three main categories, depending on the model of playing. The first and most popular category is machine games. Table games come second in popularity while random number generators are the least common. Update: Actually RNG slots is the most popular option 2021.

Gaming machines

These are the most common type of casino games wherever you go. They are based on reels which spin along pay-lines in response to players’ choices. Casino games popularly found in gaming machines include:


Slot machines get their name from the slot, a part of the machine where players insert money to play. Players pick their most favoured spots on a screen the hit play/spin. This sets the machines reels in motion and if they stop at the chosen spot, then the player wins. Slot games are normally played by one player at a time, with no assistance from a casino employee.

Slot games are popular because of their ease and speed of play. Seeing as the games are more about luck than skill, they attract a lot of newbies too. Moreover, the lucrative bonuses in these games and the prospect of winning big keep gamblers interested.

In the same breath, slot games are exciting because of their ability to base their themes on popular trends. They may be created along themes like TV Series, popular films, cartoon characters etc.
Slot machines are the basis on which all other gaming machines are built.

Video Lottery Terminals (VLT)

VLT are screen machines with a random number generator. This generator drives the video game and players bet on the outcome. The casino does not get to determine what number turns up or how much the machine pays out. Rather, the laws of the region determine how winnings a calculated.

Video Poker

This is a machine controlled poker game derived from five-card poker. Cards appear on a screen similar to that of a slot machine. Gamblers play using buttons on the machine used to execute various play options.

Table Games

The ease of casino terms is just amazing. While the games themselves may need skill and strategy, the terms convey plain meaning. Table games are simply those games that take place on tables. The first thought that comes to mind in this category is card games like Blackjack and Baccarat. However, wheel games like roulette and dice games like Sic Bo also fall into this category. Table games require a mix of skill and luck to play. They come with varying levels of difficulty; some can be played by first-timers while others require professionals. Table games- card games in particular- are the most common fixtures for professional gamblers. A major functional difference between table and machine games is that the latter are conducted by a casino employee. The said employee goes by the title croupier or dealer. Some games in this category are:

  • Card games – Poker has always been a leading card game. As a result, its many variations are widely popular in casinos across the world.
  • Dice and tile games
  • Random number wheels

Alot of different games right?

Casino Slots

Random number Generator (RNG) casino games

This is the least talked about category of casino games but it remains popular with certain categories of players. Random number generators are used to pick winners by drawing out a winning number or combination of numbers.

Random number generator games are played either for instant wins or as a running competition. As a result of this versatility, most lottery games fall under this category. It is also for this reason that such games are often played outside casinos. When this happens, organisers set a fixed prize then use the game to raise money for a particular cause.

The popularity of RNG games outside casinos makes many people forget that they are casino games.

Are sports bets part of casino games?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because modern casinos have integrated sports events in their catalogues. No, because gamblers don’t actually play these games. Rather, they bet on an outcome beyond their control. On the other hand, it is true that gamblers actually ‘play’ by choosing the outcomes to bet on. In the same breath, virtual leagues offered by casinos run in the same model as RNG games. The gravitation of casino gaming to the internet has led to the convergence of different gambling models. In light of this development, it becomes necessary to redefine what casino games are in order to include sports betting.

Examples of casino games by category

Slot games – Star Burst, Irish Riches, Millionaire Genie, Devil’s delight, Break Away, Fruit WarpTable games- Cards (Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino war, Poker variants) Dice & Tiles (Sic Bo, Craps, Chuck a Luck) Wheels/Random numbers (Roulette, Big Sic Wheel).RNG- Bingo, Keno As you can tell there is alot of different games and categories for you to experience.

How does one play casino games?

There really is no stipulated formula for playing casino games. For one, there are numerous casino games with an equally diverse number of playing. Secondly, the model of play for a particular casino game may vary in different casinos or regions.

The trick to playing any casino game is first identifying which game rouses your interest. Once you have done this, you should look for playing tutorials before engaging your money in a gamble. Most casino games, cards for example, often pop up in informal set ups like parties and hang-outs. This is a great place to watch, learn and maybe participate. In addition, the internet has become a solution to most of our curiosity questions- including this one.

To answer the question in a different context, casino games is playable in two ways. The first id by visiting a physical casino and the other one is through an online vendor.

Where can enthusiasts play casino games?

Traditionally, gambling could only play casino games in casino buildings. There were particular cities and houses famed for offering gambling games. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is the world’s most casino-synonymous city. This made casinos inaccessible to many people as they were either bond by legal, moral or geographical hindrances.

Today, however, the rise of online casinos has made the games available to virtually everyone with an internet connection. All you need is a computer or a mobile device and an internet casinos and you are ready to go.

Armed with the above, you can register in an online casino from any part of the global and gamble away. It is, however, important to check on a few things before immersing yourself:

  • What does the law in your area say about gambling? Is your casino of choice allowed in your jurisdiction?
  • Is the casino legit? Check reviews for a guide
  • Does the casino protect you? Always opt for casinos that promote responsible gambling

So don’t forget to look these things up before hitting the tables!

When did casino games begin?

Gambling has existed for almost as long as man has. Now, it is difficult to difficult to define what was a ‘business place’ several millennia ago, so we may not exactly be able to state when casinos began. However, there is evidence of the Chinese playing for rewards as far back as 2300 BC.

There are archives of gambling artefacts found in places like Greece, Rome, Rome, japan and India. Further reports of famous leaders like King Henry III outlawing gambling show how long casino games have existed.

In short, casino games existed way before the casinos themselves. Most of the games we know today took their current form in the years leading to the 19th century. The rules have remained largely unchanged for most of the classic casino games.

That said, there are variants of some games that have been created relatively recently. Caribbean Stud, for example, came to life in the 1980s. The internet has also led to modification of some casino games’ rules to make them playable in online casinos.

Are casino games rigged?

Oh boy! This had to feature here. Understandably so, because, why lie, this is a questions that often flashes in many gambler’s minds. The fear gets worse when you are on a losing streak.

Well, it is to safe to say that most casino games are not rigged. There is no saying what underhand tactics specific casinos are trying out, but most casino games are incorruptible. Furthermore, the law does not love casinos. Authorities are always looking for loopholes to kick gambling houses out of business. Owing to this, casinos are always looking to play clean.

Commonly suspected rigging includes using magnets at roulette tables, having biased card decks and manipulating reels. Reputable casinos are however unlikely to engage in such practices. After all, they are already making insane profits by playing legit!

Guess who is sufficiently informed about casino games right now? You’re right, that’s you. Now go and enjoy a good casino session as a celebration!