Dragon Tiger Online Guide – Rules and How To Play


Steven Lauren

Dragon Tiger is probably the easiest live casino game to play. It is so easy that those who have seen it being played would wonder why it requires a guide. However, those who have played it quite often will agree that although it is a game of chance, having a proper understanding of it comes in handy. This guide offers that!

A Guide to playing Dragon Tiger Online
Dragon Tiger Online Guide 2024

What is Dragon Tiger?

This is a card comparing game played in casinos, both online and offline. It involves placing bets on two hands, the Dragon and the Tiger. Once bets are placed, the dealer draws cards for both hands and payouts are made accordingly.

The main aim of the game is to predict the hand that will return a higher value card. There are, however, several other outcomes that players can bet on.

Dragon Tiger Rules

The game uses a standard number of decks, but the specific number of decks is not specified. Most casinos use eight decks but the number may vary.

The cards carry their face value. The Ace has a value of one.
Players bet on which hand will receive a higher value card. Bets are placed before the cards are drawn.

Once the bet is placed, each hand receives a single card. The hand that receives a higher value card wins and payouts are made.
In an ordinary bet of a particular hand, a tie means that half the stake is lost.

That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Dragon Tiger is often referred to as simplified Baccarat, given it is played in just one round. It is a game of chance and novices can win as much as people who have played for decades.

How to play Dragontiger

Playing the game in a live online model requires a player to first register in the house. This is usually a simple process that does not take any longer than two minutes.

The player then makes a deposit in their playing account and chooses a preferred withdrawal method. With these in place, the player is good to go.

From the live casino menu, the player then clicks ‘Dragon Tiger’ and is taken to the live stream. It is important to check whether a casino offers the game before signing up.

Once the video stream connects, a player can get into a game round by selecting the number of chips and the hand they are betting on. The number of chips appears on the virtual table. The value of the chips is deducted from the player’s account.

The game also allows players to bet on other outcomes other than the higher value hand. These are known as propositional bets. Players can bet on a tie, a colour (red or black) or whether a card in a particular hand will be higher or lower than seven.

In the last bet, the player loses if the hand returns a seven. Different houses offer different propositional bets.

Popular Dragon Tiger Proposition Bets

Two red/Two Black– That both cards of both hands will be of the same colour

Red/Black– That one hand will be of the colour black and the other will be red

Big/Small– That a particular hand will have a value higher or lower than seven

Suited tie– an extremely rare occurrence that pays handsomely, where both hands return the same value and suit

Odd/Even- betting whether a particular hand will return an even or odd number

A suit– That cards will be of a suit. If the suit is a seven, then the bet loses

Dragon Tiger Online Strategy

Being a game of pure chance, formulating a strategy for Dragon Tiger is virtually impossible. No amount of plotting will determine the card that appears next.

Some people argue that playing for long sessions can advantage people who use card counting. This is not exactly right. The large number of decks makes card counting difficult and, if anything, the tactic is not allowed in most casinos. The speed of the game also makes this strategy difficult to implement.

Established players advise against placing the bet at any time. While the best has the best return, its chances of winning are extremely rare. Rather, it is advisable to observe trends then go for a high or low bet after a while.

If a good number of rounds return a consistent value higher than seven, betting low becomes safe. The vice versa also applies.

Things to Look Out For at a Dragon Tiger Table

In the absence of a clear strategy, it is important to look out for small things that can give a player an advantage in Dragon Tiger. Some of these include:

Number of Decks

The more the number of decks a house uses, the higher its edge. A higher edge means the player has a lower chance of winning. That said, with a very small number of decks, gamin sessions will be slow because of repeated shuffling. The best number of decks should be between six and eight.


Some houses have better pay rates than others. Since the casino is online, there is no limitation as to where one can play. As such, players should always go for houses with the best payouts. To pick out the wheat from the chaff, it is helpful to read reviews about different casinos and the rates they offer.


Many casinos often have promotions at Dragon Tiger tables. These offers are usually random, and many irregular players miss out on them. Even when one is not playing, it is important to keep checking where there are promotions to take advantage of.

Responsible Gambling Provisions

A fast-moving game like Dragon Tiger can easily suck players into a black hole. It is easy for a player to lose themselves chasing losses or trying to stack wins. It is, therefore, important to play in a house that promotes responsible gaming. A house that puts limits to the amount of money that can be wagered in a single round is good. It gets even better if they limit the deposits that can be made within a certain window of time.
When playing live online casino, Dragon Tiger is one of the best games one can take part in. It has a good return and is easy to play. Chances of rigging the game are low and rounds move pretty fast. Always remember to play responsibly!