Three Card Poker Online Guide – Rules and How To Play


Steven Lauren

Live casino online is quickly taking over as the gaming model of choice. How to play Three Card Poker? We got the answers. The live stream model has made things even better as it gives a virtual experience that is almost similar to being in a real casino. Due to the many conveniences of playing online, people are abandoning going to physical houses and playing online instead.

Casino game lovers are always looking for nice games to play live. Three card poker has found favour among many online players, and for good reason. This step-by-step guide gives a detailed guide on how to make the most of three card poker online.

Three Card poker
Three Card Poker Guide 2024

What is Three card poker Online?

Three-card poker is among the young variants of poker. It was conceptualised in 1994 and became popular after a 1997 patent.

Derek Webb derived the variant. His aim was to create a poker version that would move as fast as other casino table games.

His trial was a large success, so to say. He was able to create an-easy-to understand game with attractive payouts and a good edge to convince casinos.

These factors have been crucial in making a case for three-card-poker’s inclusion in many houses’ live online casino titles.

Three Card Poker Online Rules

Like in the offline version, the objective of three-card poker online is to beat the dealer with a three-card hand. Players do not play against each other. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled after every round of play. The ranking of cards is done in a high to low (descending) format. This means that the rank starts with K as the lowest, descending to Q, J, 10, 9, and so on. The Ace plays both high and low, depending on the hand. E.g. in an A/K/Q hand, the ace has the highest value, while it is the lowest value card in a 3/2/A hand. When both the dealer’s and the player’s hand are similar in type, the one with a higher value card wins. Three queens beat three jacks, for instance. Similarly, a flush of 10/9/8 beats that of 9/8/7. In the event of hand tie, a card known as a ‘kicker’ determines the winner. This is the subsequent highest value card that is not in the paying hand.

How to play three card poker

After opting into the game by signing into the house and making a deposit, the player selects three card poker from the live games menu.

The player initiates play by placing an ante wager.
This wager can be placed alongside a pair-plus bet, or the player can go for the pair-plus wager only.

The player and the dealer then each receive three cards face down.
The player examines the cards dealt to him/her and decides whether to ‘play.’ Playing means placing another wager, the play wager. This wager should match the ante wager. If a player decides not to play (folds), they lose the ante.

If a play wager is made, the dealer’s cards are revealed and both hands compared.

The player wins if s/he has a better hand than the dealer, who must have at least a Queen-high. In that event, both player bets (ante and play) receive 1-to-1 payouts. If the dealer’s hand is a Jack-high or lower, the player has their play wager refunded.

In the event the dealer hand is superior, both player bets are lost and the round comes to an end.

A pair-plus bet determination does not dependent of the dealer hand.

An ante bonus is won if the player gets a Straight, Straight Flush, or Three-of-a-Kind regardless of how the dealer hand looks. Each casino has a pay table that guides this payment.

Why Three Card Poker Online?

This game combines the thrill of poker with the simplicity of casino games. It is only played in two steps per round, meaning players do not need to memorise a lot of things. It is easy to learn and a great way for new players to immerse themselves into poker. Despite its simplicity, the game offers skilled players a good chance of winning. Deciding fast whether to play or fold is a vital skill. Playing the live online version allows players to compete against the house rather than against other players. This is always a plus for casino players. It allows a single table to have a virtually unlimited number of players. This translates into an advantage for individual players. The house has its risk spread hence does not require a significant edge over any one player. That the game has several bets which can be made at a go also makes it safe to play. Players can spread their risk by betting on several other outcomes aside from their ante wager. The Pair-plus bet, for instance, covers part of the ante risk.

Three-Card Poker Online Strategy

Like in any other poker game, live three card poker online strategy revolves around knowing when to play and when to fold. As a general rule, basic strategy advises players to always play whenever they have a hand that is greater than Q, 6, and 4. If the hand is worse than this, it is wise to fold immediately. Placing a pair plus is always wise. Since the bet does not depend on the dealer’s hand, it provides a sort of insurance. It can be a great way to cover a player’s loss in a given round.


Three card poker is as good as live online casino games can get. It is a simple game yet it requires skill, a combination that works to keep it exciting.

The game flows fast and has great odds. It attracts many players as casinos are able to efficiently run it.

That said, its immersive nature can easily get players carried away. Responsible gambling practices should be adopted at all times when playing in live online casinos. Players need to have fixed gambling amounts and also look for houses that promote healthy gambling in their practices.