Swedish Casinos: The Perks


Steven Lauren

Though it may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of gambling, Sweden’s casino and gaming scene has increased significantly, to become one of the largest gambling hubs in all of Europe, and for a good reason. If you are looking for a new place to gamble, whether online or offline, here are some of the reasons to check out Swedish casinos.

Swedish Casinos

Legislative Upper Hand

Because of the way the legislation and gambling framework is laid out in Sweden, players are subject to higher risk, which also means a much greater reward. These casinos fall under the “international casinos” category, one of two legal categories for operating in Sweden. The other category is “restaurant casinos” which require a license and are more strict in their governance. International casinos offer a higher reward, because they operate under international casino rules, and therefore are more lenient and friendly for players all over the world. There are only allowed to be six of these casinos operating at any given time in Sweden.

Casino Bonuses

Because Sweden is less known for their casinos and gambling scene, Swedish casinos have to work twice as hard to make a name for themselves on the international gambling scene. This means that many online Swedish casinos, which are available internationally, offer impressive and extremely competitive sign-up and loyalty bonuses, to entice new players and keep existing players coming back. You can expect anywhere from a 100 to 200% match bonus when you sign up, as well as impressive jackpots, cash offers, rewards and free spins, as you play through various online Swedish casinos.

Game Selection

The selection of games available on Swedish casinos also tends to be very competitive, current and impressive. Swedish casinos are known for well-stocked game libraries with old and longstanding favourites, as well as the latest and greatest. There is a heavy Swedish presence at many trade shows, and gaming forums, as Swedish casinos and gambling experts are committed to innovation and bettering this area of their economy and industry.


Sweden is known, as a country, for its innovative and forward-thinking nature and culture. The gambling and gaming industry is no exception. This offers the country and Swedish casinos, on and offline, a competitive advantage amongst the saturated market, swimming with competitors. Swedish game developers are constantly innovating and evolving. For example, there are payment and baking options such as BankID, which is a great way to pay and play online, with much less risk of your personal information being stolen or compromised. There are also many different payment options that go so far beyond credit cards and traditional Paypal accounts. Besides payment options, there are also innovations in user experience, such as a 3D playing experience and enhanced mobile playing, as well as other advances, many of which have Swedish developers paving the way.

Find the best casinos

For the Best Swedish casinos, you can visit your local online casino listing, or visit your favourite online gambling forums to read player reviews.