William Hill Horse Racing 2024


Steven Lauren

When William Hill founded a self-named bookmaker in 1934, he probably did not imagine it would become the success it is today. The once illegal house has grown and evolved with time. Today, it offers many great betting markets, among them horse racing.

Whatever horse race you can think of, you will probably find it on William Hill’s betting markets.

Popular races Found on William Hill

Whether you are a fan of the Cheltenham Festival, Ascot, Grand National or any other race in the UK, you are well covered. Your favourite races will be available on William Hill even before the competition date. The house also covers numerous other races outside the UK. There are fixtures from South Africa, South America, The US, and Australia. With numerous racing festivals in all these countries, you can bet there is something to bet on all year round.

Furthermore, there is also the option of betting on virtual races. This can be done for both flat and jump races. Virtual races largely operate in the same way as conventional races. Betting odds and markets are similar. The main difference is that the action in virtual games is software generated. The races in the virtual model also take a shorter time. The performance of jockeys and horses in virtual betting does not necessarily correspond with that in real life.

Betting offers on william hill

Attractive Horse racing Betting Offers on William Hill

Besides offering an impressive number of william hill horse racing bets, the offers that come with William Hill bets are worth applauding too.

Enhanced bets

As is the case with other betting markets, William Hill often gives an enhanced bets offer. This means that when you place your stake, the odds for your pick are boosted. Consequently, you stand to gain more in the event your bet wins.

Daily Racing Podcast

You can listen to a podcast every day from the William Hill website. This feature is beneficial both to newbie and seasoned horse-race bettors. The podcast does not exactly tell you how to bet, but it is a great way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. You get a full lineage of statistics, from ages to owners and statistics. This places you in a better position to make good betting decision.

Watch Races

You can further improve your racing knowledge by watching live races from the wh.tv page. This is a great way to do a personal analysis of horses and their jockeys and build an independent stack of statistics. Professional pundits are not always correct with their predictions; you might want to formulate your own database from the William Hill TV.

How to bet on horse races

Betting on horse races is quite simple. The first and most direct bet is on the winner. This is direct and can be played even by novices. There are other bets that require a little understanding of how races work. You might need to learn about things like handicaps and how they affect a competitor’s odds. On the William Hill site, you just pick your preferred horses and their odds reflect on the bet slip on the right hand side. You can use a slider to move right or left to see what returns you stand to get for different amounts of stake.

Tips for our Canadian betting friends

Horse betting is a growing phenomenon in the United Kingdom – we all could agreed to that. But did you know that the best online casino in Canadia also offer horsebetting?